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Publikacija: Landscape and Garden Design

26. april 2013

Landscape and Garden Design, lessons from history by Gordon Haynes was published earlier in the year and is now available. It provides descriptions and explanations of landscape and garden design techniques concentrating on Britain’s own heritage and will be a handy reference book for anyone with an interest in these topics.

It has already received some very positive reviews and assessments, extracts of which are included below for your interest:
‘Anyone looking around a park, a garden or an estate landscape, wondering how and why it came to be like it is, needs this book. ...such impressive detail and knowledge. ... There's a sense of being in the hands of a very competent no-nonsense teacher with his eye on the ball. It's so clear, informative and concise. ...this book is added value. It makes you think as well as look. An education, in fact’.
Gloucestershire Gardens & Landscape Trust Newsletter

‘Gordon Haynes identifies principal designers during the period, extant examples, and the principal components, before going on to discuss in detail the history and design, contextualising the features which define the stage using pictures and photographs where possible to illustrate his points’.

‘I am very impressed with this very comprehensive and ordered publication concentrating on our British landscape history. I particularly like the way it covers the specific architecture and landscape features of the period and relevant historical landscape, in a way that none of the other texts we currently have on our reading lists really cover. also fills in many gaps with the less known therefore providing us with a detailed and comprehensive resource and account of our landscape history’.
Senior Lecturer, Leeds Metropolitan University, UK

Landscape and Garden Design