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We are making our landscape
Presentation of the project "We are Making our Landscape”

The objective of the project "We are Making our Landscape" was to educate and raise awareness of public in general about the landscape.

It was implemented by the Slovenian Association of Landscape Architects (SALA) in co-operation with the Department of Landscape Architecture, Biotechnical Faculty of the University of Ljubljana, with the financial support from the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning, and other sponsors. The duration of the project was from October 2004 to May 2005, and it comprised several activities and events, such as:

Purpose of the project

The purpose of the project We are Making our Landscape was to disseminate knowledge about the landscape to the general public, and especially to present better the Slovenian landscapes. The project aimed to stimulate children and adults to observe the landscape in everyday environment and to perceive the landscape qualities in order to raise awareness of the public for the environment, space and landscape in the earliest age possible. The project focused on education of the pedagogues, mentor teachers, children and their parents, as well as the general public. With the suggestive title We are Making our Landscape we tried to point out the idea that all of us who live in a certain environment, with our attitude and the way of living, have influence on the state of the landscape and the space, and thus take part in the creation of our everyday environment. The awareness of the importance and values of landscape should become a common sense and, consequently, a criterion for interventions in the physical space and for the relationship of individuals with the physical space.

All this in accordance with the latest achievements in the field and with the objectives of the European Landscape Convention that entered into force in Slovenia in March 2004.

Justification of the project

The fact that we have to face the changes in the landscape consciously and creatively was a starting point of the project. Familiarity of the professionals and public in general with our landscapes is crucial for a creative management and planning of the Slovenian landscapes.

The visual character of the landscapes depends on the images that the society has of the landscape, which also influences the way we deal with the landscape. The quality of the space and the living environment we are to make depends to a great extent on the development processes, as well as on the individuals and their willingness to make decisions about the future development of the physical space and about the destiny of our landscape heritage. That is why we intended to stimulate the children and the adults alike to observe their everyday environment and so to establish a positive relationship towards the Slovenian landscapes.