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Vabilo Francoskega združenja za krajino na dogodek »7th European Landscape Assises«

7. marec 2016

IFLA posreduje svojim članom vabilo Francoskega združenja za krajino na dogodek »7th European Landscape Assises«, ki se bo odvijal v Nici v Franciji, od 6. do 8. aprila 2016.

Tema dogodka je “Can landscape save the city? The Mediterranean at the forefront”

1. THE RENDEZVOUS for the Ville Durable (Sustainable City) and the Cité Verte (Green City)
As leading European landscape rendezvous, the Assises européennes du Paysage are the time and place for reflection on the challenges of landscape, plants and urban planning. Indeed, in order to be part of the post-COP 21, it is important to find sustainable solutions for the inherent problematics of our cities' development and global warming. As the climatic events of the end of 2015 very harshly reminded us, the expressly concerned mediterranean landscape must conciliate a growing urbanization - especially on the coast - an ever growing demographic pressure and the preservation of a good quality of life. So... How can landscape save the city? The aim of these 7th Assises européennes du paysage is to offer a view that can be useful to other regions and countries, by highlighting the solutions found on our own territory.

2. A UNIQUE OCCASION to exchange with professionals and decision makers of international renown, to discover new solutions and be enriched by experience.
It is a rich program prepared by the FFP that awaits the participants; devoted to landscape and urban planning.
The first day will be dedicated to debates, plenary sessions and roundtables with landscape professionals, economists, ecologists, geographers, garden historians and elected representatives from France, but also Spain, Israel, Morocco, Tunisia... The second day will “take” participants on field trips to a variety of sites in the Nice region.
The Assises will be prolonged on the 8th of April, as “Assises Off”. On which day shall take place the following debates: “Giving the floor to young graduates: their topics, their dreams, their future” and “Giving the floor to clients, project leaders and to public political landscape representatives within the territories” and the following roundtables: “From green belts to urban planning, how to choose and accompany the plant alternative?” and "Horticulture at the service of urbanity".


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