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Landscape Architecture in Slovenia

Landscape architecture is a profession that has long played an active role in landscape design and spatial planning in Slovenia. Its recognition in a wider society is limited due to a relatively small number of educated landscape architects. Despite that, they are even more so active in a rather broad context of spatial design and planning. And that means that they are sufficiently present not only in professional circles of spatial planners, but also in the minds of the general public.

The establishment of the undergraduate landscape architecture course at the University of Ljubljana undoubtedly marked a turning point for the profession which, at the same time, became strongly integrated in the early stages of the environmental movements in Slovenia in the 1970s. The relevance of environmental issues may have been the reason that the profession gained its recognition by contributing to the resolution of a wide range of developmental spatial problems.In the present day, therefore, the work of landscape architects in Slovenia is very diverse, ranging from design of urban and rural open spaces to environmental planning and sustainable spatial practices. The achievements of Slovene landscape architecture in the social reality have been so far considered as exemplary by colleagues from other countries, even those coming from wealthier European countries.

The work of Slovenian landscape architects has a common and cohesive character, although spread in various fields of spatial planning. It strives to achieve a humane, liveable, experientially pleasant and socially acceptable design of spatial arrangements. It also works towards an environmentally sustainable land use planning – the kind of spatial planning which respects the requirements of environmental protection and nature conservation.

Prof. Dr. Ivan Marušič